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 Nestled in a beautiful botanical setting our daycare center offers top of the line child care service and unique environmentally friendly program that fosters children's natural sense of wonder and joy of discovery, nurtures their imagination, stimulates towards learning in general and provides the skills needed for future success.

At Edgewood Academy we believe that children learn best through direct experiences and interaction with people and the world around them, that nature-related experiences play a critical role in shaping  life-long attitudes, values and patterns of behavior towards the people and the world, that it is an important part of a healthy child development and children should form a sense of respect and caring for the natural environment during the first years of their life.

Today many young children have limited opportunities for such experiences. Many of them, regardless of where they live, spend most of their time in settings and activities that keep them essentially isolated from direct contact with the natural world.

At Edgewood Academy we have always been and continue to be dedicated to providing children with the sufficient opportunity for positive experiences with the  environment both indoors and outdoors. In addition to learning about the elements of the natural world through the variety of indoor activities children are involved in ongoing daily experiences with the outdoors. Surrounded by fruit trees, flower and vegetable gardens, bird feeders and butterfly houses, playground is providing children with plenty of opportunity for investigating nature and building the sense of connectedness with plants and animals.

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