We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Edgewood Academy!

"...The owner is a strong advocate for early childhood education and conducts a rare type of a day care program -- one that makes the children feel like family and feel at home while there. The atmosphere is filled with love and peace and the children are treated with respect and kindness. The staff is patient and caring, and the children benefit from a program that blends learning about oneself while learning of life both indoors and out.
One goal of the program is to help the children discover the beauty of one another while surrounded by the beauty of the larger outdoor world. The children spend a great deal of time playing amongst the trees and flowers and even have had the wonderful experience of watching life unfold and change over time, as they watched a robin build a nest, lay eggs and raise a young family within feet of them. It was a great lesson that occured on more than one level of personal understanding..."
Cindy Rzasa-Bess, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist. Educational Consultant and Speaker

"One of the greatest features of Edgewood Academy is the philosophy of partnership between parents and the school. This can be seen in Edgewood Academy hosting of seasonal programs on child development with an educational consultant. Parents and teachers attend, providing opportunities to discuss challenges and hear possible strategies to help steer through these important years of development. As parents, we are incredibly fortunate. Our daughter has benefited from Edgewood Academy's nurturing program, we too have grown as parents thanks to the educational seminars offered. In closing, Edgewood Academy is the model Day Care Center, not just for Stamford, but for the State..."
Anthony Silvey, parent

'...The school day runs like a well-oiled machine. The children experience a perfect balance of age appropriate academics and supervised free play, all the while learning to treat each other with respect, to take responsibility for their actions, to accept themselves for the beautiful children they are, and to find the fun in every moment. The teachers are trained by Mrs.Barker to carefilly attend to the children and to maintain a safe environment while helping them to learn and grow throughout the school day. In addition to being an exemplary daycare and a preschool, the students and teachers also have become an extension of our family. Due to the loving environment created by Mrs.Barker, all of the children who attend Edgewood Academy have created special friendships with each other which extends outside of the school walls..."
Jennifer Toland, parent

"As a parent you are always concerned and worried about what to expect when you place your child in the care of others, as we were before our son started at Edgewood Academy in 2009. We have not regretted our decision, and our expectations have by far been exceeded. We have watched him grow and develop in all important areas... We have seen how his social skills, his self confidence in other people and the world around him have developed with the aid and guidance of his teachers. Those are in our opinion very important foundations for a healthy and continuous growth. In addition to that his natural interest in learning new things has continuously been stimulated -- and most importantly this has been done in a healthy way that promoted an amazing love for learning..."
Charlotte and Jesper Mehlsen Bab, parents

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