About Us

We started as a family daycare "Mrs.Bee's Learn & Play" licensed to care for 6 children back in 2006, grown to a group daycare home licensed for 12 children in 2008. This fall we are geting ready to welcome 16 more children. To mark our "graduation" from a small family daycare to a larger educational center we have decided to change our name from Mrs.Bee's to Edgewood Academy.
As a professional teacher with Master's Degree in Education and a mother of a young child I cannot stress enough the importance of early childhood education. More children would succeed in school if all families had access to quality pre-kindergarten programs. That's why we at Edgewood Academy have made our goal to provide local families with the best possible care for their children.
Over the years we have been working to create a special partnership with the parents and caregivers of our children. Family members are included in all aspects of our educational program and have an opportunity to contribute to the policies and daycare program. Information about each child's individual progress is shared with parents on a daily basis, families routinely consulted about abilities, preferences and interests of their children. Parents have an opportunity to improve their educational and parenting skills through regular parent seminars with our Educational Consultant. We believe that this kind of partnership with the parents benefits children tremendously and ultimately strengthens the community.
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